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From hoof pick to top hat and tails

Schleich Collection Schleich Bald Eagles

Schleich Bald Eagles Schleich Bald Eagles Schleich Bald Eagles
America's Wild Life Animals: Bald Eagle
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For over 75 years Schleich have fostered children's creativity around the world with their lifelike and lovingly painted figurines and animals.

Parent's know that Schleich toy figurines are not only lifelike and created with an eye for detail, they also have educational value. They foster imagination and concentration and help children to find their personal role in life. Schleich deliberately forgo sirens and blinking lights. Instead, glorious historic hero's, adventurous elves from Bayala as well as farm and wild animals tell their stories.

It's right that parent's and educators demand the highest quality toys. Schleich delivers this quality without making any compromises because we want children to be able to play freely and safely. It is Schleich obligation to only produce toys that conform to the highest safety and quality standards.

All Schleich products comply with international legal guidelines regarding materials, quality and safety.